Congratulations to Daniel Iascone from the Doctoral Program in Neurobiology and Behavior who had his thesis defense titled “Global Synaptic Input Mapping of Cortical and Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons”

Congratulations to Ewoud Schmidt on his K99 – Pathway to Independence Award, awarded in 2018.

Congratulations to Justin O’Hare on his F32 – Postdoctoral Individual National Research Service Award, awarded in 2018.

Congratulations to Annie Lee from the integrated CMBS Graduate Program who had her thesis seminar titled ‘AB42 oligomers trigger synaptic loss through coordinated AMPK-dependent activation of mitochondrial fission and mitophagy’ on May 23rd!

Our lab has officially moved into the Jerome L. Greene Science Center located in the Manhattanville Campus!

Our lab will be moving at the end of 2017 to the Jerome L. Greene Science Center in the Manhattanville Campus. The Jerome L. Greene Science Center will house Columbia University’s Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.



Dr. Polleux will be a speaker at the CARTA Symposium – Salk Institute – Conrad T. Prebys Auditorium in La Jolla, Ca. on September 29, 2017. Session title is ‘Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying human-specific evolution of cortical connectivity’.

Congratulations to both Annie Lee and Dan Iascone on their F-31 Fellowship Awards awarded 2017!

Congratulations to Yusuke Hirabayashi, 2016 recipient of the prestigious PRESTO (Precursory Research for Embryonic Science and Technology) award from the Japan Science and Technology Agency. PRESTO promotes goal-oriented basic research that is unique, challenging, and among the most advanced of its kind in the world. Dr Hirabayashi will analyze the organelles and synapses of single neurons in a complex brain structure by a newly developed light microscopy-electron microscopy correlative method with PRESTO.


Congrats to the following lab members for fellowships and grants awarded:

Yusuke Hirabayashi, awarded the Uehara Memorial Foundation Fellowship in March, 2015 and the Japan Science and Technology Agency PRESTO grant in September, 2016

Seok-Kyu Kwon, awarded the Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship in January, 2012

Tommy Lewis, awarded the NIH K99 Pathway to Independence Award in July, 2015

Ewoud Schmidt, awarded the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship in January, 2015 and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research Rubicon Grant in June, 2015


Listen to an interview of Franck by Marie McNeely on the ‘People behind the science’ podcast. Recorded in November 2015.


Preview in Cell by Sato D. and Arber S.on:

Courchet*, Lewis* et al. (2013) Cell 

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 F1000 evaluation on recent article on new kinase pathway involved in Alzheimer’s Disease:

Mairet-Coello et al. (2013) Neuron 


More than 60 articles published online on:

Charrier*, Joshi* et al. (2012) Cell

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